The Shadow of Olympus

Honoring the Blessed Gods of Olympus

Catch Me If You Can

Catch me if you can, mortal man.
You chase me with every drink you take.
Never fully realizing the promise I offer.
Focused on all but the truth of things.

Catch the wind and fly with me, mortal man.
You who would reach the heights of passion.
Yet never unleashes the power of your spirit.
Focused on the finale, missing the scenery on the way.

Catch a glimpse of me in the shadows, mortal man.
I am always there to goad you into action.
Action you never expected, and almost always regret.
Focused as you are on how others perceive you.

Catch yourself, mortal man.
You who indulge too freely in me.
Blaming me for your woes.
Focused on the outside, never on the inside.

Catch me if you can, mortal man.
I am not running from you, you are running away.
Had you seen the true me you would know.
Focused on the truth of things, as I am.

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