The Shadow of Olympus

Honoring the Blessed Gods of Olympus

As If

As if there were but a moment in which to think. As if there were but a moment to act, and the whole world will slip you by. The whole world will act of its own accord, minute upon minute, moment upon moment. Allow it to enter you, perceive it, feel it, but not ignore it, the moment that made up your life.

As if it were the first thing you ever saw. As if nothing else existed, and the beauty of the falling leaf will escape you. The sight of a walking infant will elude you. Look noy upon any one thing, as if it were alone, for not a thing upon the earth is ever alone. Not the flowers of the field, the trees of the forest, and least of all you.

As if no other song had ever been composed. As if no other voice had ever been lifted in the joys of love, and you will miss the melancholy song of despair. The sad requiem will never be heard by you. The song of birds, the sounds of traffic, the lonely echoes of whales seeking their own kind will be as memories of a long ago life to you

As if none other could do so. As if yours were the only words worth hearing, and you will never learn the secret of the universe whispered by children in the schoolyard. You will never hear tell of the wolf and the girl in red. The long ago stories that make up more of you than you ever imagined will be lost to your children.

As if no one else mattered. As if this life were but for one purpose, your pleasure, and you will fail to see the truth. You will live a life of selfish pleasure and deprivation of the soul's desires. You will learn no greater truth. You will feel no higher joy. The Gods of your fathers will look away and shed a tear.

As if it were your right. As if all around you were made for your benefit, and none will give to you of their own free will. None will share with you their love, their bounty, their bodies in rapturous union save when you take. And in the end, you will wonder at the smiles of parents who receiving little, find joy in giving but a token to their children.

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