The Shadow of Olympus

Honoring the Blessed Gods of Olympus

Thank You Persephone

The world has held its breath, and now prepares to exhale.
From far beneath, or so it would seem, you arise and stumble softly onto the brown fields of grass and are saddened.
You see the shadows behind you, and the golden haired matron who awaits before you, and you are torn.
You arise unto your feet, and beauteous Hekate welcomes you.

Where your feet touch the ground, new life slowly rises into the grass, and footsteps of green are your legacy as you walk toward her, your mother.
There is both joy and sadness in her face, but you feel the power of her stubbornness leave her as she perceives you walking forward toward her.
Her anger and spite losing its grip on the earth, and the life that is the blessed mother’s gift returning to world.

It happens in many ways, in many places, and at different times, but the result is always the same.
The trees offer up their buds in honor of the mother and the maiden who for millennia were honored in the land of Eleusis.
You reach for her, and at the touch of your hand to hers, the sky itself seems to rejoice.
You embrace her and the world exhales, free to once again embark upon its dance of life.

Welcome home, Persephone, it proclaims in a bittersweet song.
Welcome to innocence and love.
Thank you, Persephone, the world sings.
Thank you for returning to us, the living, on the fields of green grass.

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