Honoring the Blessed Gods of Olympus

Morning Prayer

Morning Prayer

I light this candle for you, blessed goddess, keeper of the sacred flame.
Come into this home, oh Hestia, you are welcome here.

All you Gods above, all you gods below, all you gods who dwell upon the earth.
Accept these humble offerings and come forth into this home, you are welcome here.

Come, Aphrodite, bring with you love.
Come, Hera, bring with you peace.
Come, Athena, bring with you wisdom.
Come, Ares, bring with you strength.
Come, Hephaestos, bring with you skill.
Come, Apollo, bring with you health.
Come, Artemis, bring with you light.
Come, Hermes, bring with you change.
Come, Poseidon, bring with you honor.
Come, Demeter, bring with you the bounty of the earth.
Come, Zeus, bring with you the blessings of Olympus.

Accept these humble offerings, and remember me today, they are little but true to the feeling in my heart.

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