The Shadow of Olympus

Honoring the Blessed Gods of Olympus

O Pais

O Pais
Girl child of Kronos
Laughing and dancing to the rhythm of the Earth

O Autorote
Virgin girl blessed with beauty
Adorned to allure, yet always untouched

O Nymphomene
Betrothed Lady
Awaiting your moment at last.

O Gamelia
In love you are bound
With love you persevere

O Telea
Grown to your full bloom
Mistress of all you survey

O Hypercheiria
Your hand risen high
The skies moving at your will

O Basilina
Queen of Heaven and Earth
Of the golden thrown of Olympus

O Autorote and Zygia
O Hera of the Cow Eyes
Blessed may you be, now and forever.

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