The Shadow of Olympus

Honoring the Blessed Gods of Olympus

I Am Springtime

I am the Springtime
Coming to life from the shadows of death
Walking in beauty and the breeze off the sea
I am hope and desire, sex and passion, commitment and love

I am the Summer
Alive with the heat of the Sun
Walking on the hot sands and tasting the salt in the air
I am lust and laughter, play and relaxation, rest and wakefulness

I am the Autumn
Maturing with the golden corn
Walking in the fields tasting the fruits of the Earth
I am struggle and challenge, reaping and sowing, receiver of thanks and feller of leaves

I am the Winter
Cold and quiet and terrible to see
Sleeping in dreams of death and new life
I am survival and death, horror and hope, darkness and light

Who am I to you?

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