The Shadow of Olympus

Honoring the Blessed Gods of Olympus

You, Mighty Nyx

You, who stood everlasting at the dawn of time.
You lay in silence and darkness.
You, who in an instant spread your dark wings into the night.
You brought forth the moment of your own birth, the birth of space and time.

You, who lay the divine egg at the beginning of time.
You gave form to formlessness.
You, who laid the egg upon the lap of darkness, your husband.
You cared for it until the time came.

You, who one day saw the first cracks in the shell.
You saw that it was good, and smiled upon your creation.
You, who brought forth the first of all things.
You remain mighty and proud.

You, who looked upon the egg, now open and stirring.
You left it to grow, to live, to breathe.
You, mighty Nyx, who was there at the beginning.
You I praise today.

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