The Shadow of Olympus

Honoring the Blessed Gods of Olympus

Like sunshine through clouds.
Light brings beauty to my eyes.
I am dumbstruck.

Like a spark I feel it.
Your softness, your strength, your nervousness.
I am unmade.

Lips so soft and full of life.
They move and graze my own.
I am touched.

Warm, wet, and sweet like fruit.
I sense your passion and lust.
I hunger.

Like the riches of the Earth.
You offer yourself to me.
I am surrounded.

Like the wind of a hurricane.
I ravage you with my desire.
I am made a man.

Like death reaching into me.
I loose myself in you.
I am drained.

Like the fulfillment of a dream.
I try to remain sane, awake.
I am made to glow.

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